We have our own place in Barcelona’s gastronomic scene.

La Real Hamburguesería has its own place in the Barcelona’s gastronomic scene. We want to rescue the pleasure of eating with your hands. Do you want to suck your fingers? Why not! That’s the reason of our logo: we invite you to get carried away by an unpretentious experience designed to pamper your taste buds and cravings.



Our menu at La Real Hamburguesería, more than a list of names and choices, is an offer of temptations. The success of each dish is possible thanks to the freshness of our products and to our strategic alliances with local suppliers. The meat is prepared by a third generation butcher at the Mercat de Ninot, our artisan breads are made by a master baker and the craft beers are supplied by Edge Brewing. Three ingredients that are constantly updating to the new trends and that are noticed and valued by our customers. Our chefs, waiters and the rest of the staff are open to any comment or suggestion, and are ready to accommodate any special request or expectation.


La Real Hamburguesería was founded in June 2017 by Eduardo Egui and Arturo Lopez, Chef and General Manager respectively. Their effort and commitment, together with the performance of a devoted team, have achieved a goal that is easy to identify: La Real Hamburguesería.


We hope you enjoy the experience of eating with your hands at La Real Hamburguesería, as we enjoy when we see you nodding your head as a sign of approval after each bite.